Costa Rica Wildlife Photo Tours with Max Waugh

A Unique Opportunity to Photograph the Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park

Join wildlife photographer Max Waugh and our local guides in an exploration of the Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park, one of the top spots for wildlife photography on the planet.

Quetzals to Corcovado:
March 25 - April 2, 2022

Red-eyed tree frog
Macro subjects and night walks add even more diversity to our tours!
Our itinerary first takes us high up into the cloud forest to search for the resplendent quetzal, one of the world's most spectacular birds. From there we'll head to the central Caribbean slope, a great spot for colorful frogs, mammals and a variety of birds. The rest of the trip is devoted to the Pacific coastal lowlands, a hotspot for biodiversity.

The optional extension will take us into Corcovado National Park, the best spot in the country for wildlife. Though Corcovado is a challenging environment, sightings of tapirs and several other mammal (including cats!) and bird species can usually be very rewarding.

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Our Corcovado Extensions

"The most biologically intense place on Earth." –National Geographic
What really makes ours tours special is the opportunity to stay in the heart of Corcovado! Corcovado is home to an incredible amount of biodiversity and offers great opportunities to see all sorts of wildlife, including all four of Costa Rica's monkey species, colorful birds (Corcovado has the larget remaining population of scarlet macaws in Central America) and a variety of reptiles and amphibians. The center of the park is one of the best places to spot the Baird's tapir, as well as the elusive puma and other wild cats.

Very few photo tours let you stay inside Corcovado and give you ample time to explore it. Our photo tour extension will take you into the heart of Corcovado, where you'd stay at the famed Sirena Research Station. Tapir sightings are virtually guaranteed, and we've had several puma sightings at Sirena.

In order to increase our chances of securing a stay in Corcovado during the park's limited booking window, the extension is limited to 4 guests.

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About the Costa Rica Photo Tour

wild puma
Puma photographed during our 2013 tour visit to Corcovado.
Think of this tour as a Costa Rica photo adventure rather than a hard-core photography workshop. We emphasize the fun of exploration and discovery that comes with photographing the wildlife of this magical country. This tour is perfect for those who want to get out and explore the rainforest environment rather than sit around at feeders and "setups."

A veteran of several photography trips to Costa Rica, Max takes you to some of his favorite wildlife hotspots, culminating in a possible stay inside Corcovado. He'll be there to offer tips and advice for shooting in the challenging rainforest environment. We don't emphasize classroom work or tutorials, but there will be plenty of opportunities for getting hands-on instruction and sharing your work during our informal critique sessions.

Our Corcovado extension includes the services of one of Costa Rica's top guides, who will help us track and find wildlife. He is a native of the Osa Peninsula considered one of the top wildlife trackers in the world.

To ensure that your trip is in good hands, all of your tour arrangments will be handled by Costa Rica Expeditions, the country's leading adventure tour planner for over 30 years.

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